CLEAN HELPER - Germ Neutralizer

   Neutralizes 99.9% of germs on all surfaces in seconds

•   Chemical-free, 59S® UV-C germicidal LED light technology

•   Eco-friendly, Mercury-free, Proven Wellness device

CLEAN HELPER - Germ Neutralizer


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Medical Expert Reviews

"I believe that the CLEAN HELPER products are an effective tool in ensuring a woman can feel secure that her possessions are disinfected and sanitized and that everything she encounters on a daily basis isn’t compromised."

"I strongly believe that Maxogen’s CLEAN HELPER products will help countless individuals experiencing panic and anxiety about this airborne disease cope effectively with this pandemic."

CLEAN HELPER UV-C devices were all effective in significantly reducing potential pathogens. Reduction in bacterial counts by more than 99% in 30 seconds and 99.9% in 3 minutes show that these devices can be used for sanitation and disinfection purposes with efficiency and confidence.

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Effective, Chemical-free, UV-C light Disinfection for the Items and Surfaces You Use Every Day
Fast and Effective

Neutralizes 99.9% of germs in seconds

Chemical and Liquid-free

Safe Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation

59S® UV-C LED Technology

Powerful UV-C germicidal LED light

Portable and Easy to use

Compact, stylish and convenient 

ECO Friendly

Mercury-free and Reusable devices 

Use Cases

The CLEAN HELPER is designed to help disinfect items that are part of our everyday lives.

Trusted by Front Line Professionals

Trusted by Store Owners

Trusted by Families


Don't just take our word for it...

CLEAN HELPER is my new best friend! Finally a product that I can use around the house to protect my family from germs.

This is a life changing product! It helps to know that I am using technology not chemicals and doing what I can to stay safe. 

I use CLEAN HELPER to disinfect my jewelry and my daughter's toys. I love the fact that it's chemical-free!

CLEAN HELPER is easy to use and it adds a bit of piece of mind. I work in the medical field where I use my phone all day. I don’t want to bring those germs home with me!

I have a substantial fear of germs and contracting illness. I am very happy with my CLEAN HELPER that protects me from germs that lurk around my house. A must have for the health conscious! 

I love my CLEAN HELPER! When I get home, I immediately put my keys, money, glasses and phone inside to kill all the germs.