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59s® UV-C Germicidal LED Technology

CLEAN HELPER is powered by our proprietary 59S UV-C germicidal LED technology with 260-280 nm wavelengths, that help to quickly neutralizes 99.9% of germs and pathogens on any surface in just 180 seconds.

LED UV-C 59S technology:

CLEAN HELPER utilizes ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) method to destroy germs and pathogens by disrupting their DNA and breaking molecular bonds, stopping microorganisms from multiplying.

Medical grade disinfection:

CLEAN HELPER products utilize the same ultraviolet spectrum technology used in hospitals, laboratories, and operating rooms across the world to disinfect medical and surgical instruments.

CLEAN HELPER lab studies have been conducted in USA by:
Toxin Technology, Inc. - CDC Select Agent.

Eco-friendly with no mercury:

Most existing UV sanitation systems use mercury-based lamps, which emit a more diffuse, less potent UV-C light and are considered highly toxic by the World Health Organization. CLEAN HELPER utilizes cutting-edge, toxin-free unidirectional UV-C germicidal LED technology which allows items to be sanitized far more quickly and efficiently.

UV-C Germicidal LED Light's Effect on Bacteria