Box + Wand

$320.00 $445.90 saving $125.90

Box + Wand

$320.00 $445.90 saving $125.90

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CLEAN HELPER - Germ Neutralizer Set - Box + Wand.

The Box

With a whopping 24 UV-C germicidal LED lights lining its interior, the CLEAN HELPER Box is our most powerful medical-grade consumer disinfection solution.

  • Neutralize 99.9% of germs on gloves and surgical masks
  • Sanitize the mail when you walk in the door
  • Quickly disinfect child’s toys so kids can play in safety
  • Disinfect toiletries such as toothbrushes, hairdryers, and underwear
  • Portable and light, Plugs into a standard electrical outlet

The  Wand

The collapsible Wand is your most powerful on-the-go CLEAN HELPER with 20 UV-C germicidal LED lights to thoroughly disinfect any surface you encounter. Position the extended belly of the wand over the surface; and seconds later, you’re free to interact with the area with complete peace of mind.

  • Disinfect commonly-used panels such as elevator buttons, payment kiosks
  • Neutralize germs on ATMs, credit card terminals and gas pumps
  • Clean germs on airplane armrests and tray tables, and public transport
  • Disinfect hotel rooms, bathrooms, counters, and vanities  
  • Quickly sanitize each doorknob and handle that you encounter
  • Portable, fits in purse, fanny pack or backpack
  • Rechargeable battery is good for hundreds of sanitation cycles
  • Safety UV goggles are included for free! It's a bonus to keep you protected


Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to human eyes and skin. Do not expose eyes or skin directly to UV-C light. Keep out of reach from children. Only to be used on non-living surfaces. Use proper safety gear.

Note: The items you ordered will reach you within 35-45 working days, or may be even longer due to logistics difficulties caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19).